Monday, May 2, 2011

Round 2: Cascade Bull Run Ought Six Enduro

Wow to some cruddy weather! We left town on Friday right after the girls got out of school and got just past Dearborn and had to put it in 4 wheel drive, yikes, roads were slushy and it was snowing more like blizzarding. All I was thinking was I can't believe we are on our way to an enduro race in this stuff!! Well we made it there and Friday night was a lot windy and a little rainy and overall cold. But Saturday morning we get up and get going and the wind was still there and the cold was still there but it wasn't that bad overall. Shane raced for just under 6 hours and we got to watch a couple of the special test sections, which is always cool and the weather wasn't terrible. Some family and friends came up and we got to hang out and it was a nice day. Then later that day the girls got to race they are so cute to watch because kids race because they enjoy it and they just want to finish they are so proud of themselves for finishing and the smiles on their faces just can't be described because they are so proud of themselves. Kaleigh finished 5th and Lauryn finished 6th and this all leads up to the awards ceremony and the absolute joy I get from watching my daughters take pride in their accomplishments. Lauryn gets her medal and comes running over to tell Shane and I that she got 6th. Now this is a really big deal she went on to explain and I quote "I got 6th this race, 6th last race and my number is 6, that has to be good luck" it was the cutest moment and I loved every second of it. Kaleigh then chirps in that she got 5th and although she fell back a spot she still beat her sister. She is such a little turkey I mean really she just couldn't let that go, but it didn't seem to phase Lauryn at all she was so proud of herself and her good luck.
Shane got 10th out of 33 riders he was proud of himself too. The Cascade race is run in a different format than any other of the races there are a lot of rules and details, but he finished and overall it was a great weekend. I am glad it is done as I am exhausted but it was worth the terrible drive up there and some cold weather to watch the looks on my girls faces and the pride in their daddy's eyes.

To sum up this weekend from the riders perspective I received this page-a-day calendar quote on Sunday “Perhaps catastrophe is the natural human environment, and even though we spend a good deal of energy trying to get away from it, we are programmed for survival amid catastrophe.”

GERMAINE GREER, Australian feminist writer

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