Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Round 3 - Winifred MT

Ok I will start by explaining for those that don't know yes Winifred Montana is in the middle of nowhere. Drive to Lewistown and take the truck route around town and you will come to the sign for Winifred. We acually didn't reach Winifred we turned before the town and were camping the Butcher Ranch. Beautiful is the only way to describe it, it appears as if you are going to be camping in the middle of fields with rolling hills and not much for trees then you drive back there and it is a little forest oasis.
Now on to the races...
We got there on Friday around 7pm I believe and got camp set up and bikes unloaded. The wind was blowing but oh well that seems to be par for the course at the races these days. Saturday morning we were up bright and early getting the girls geared up and breakfast in them. They raced at 10am and it is always a good time. Kaleigh ended up in 3rd and Lauryn in 4th their best finishes so far and they were so proud of themselves and of course we were beaming parents.
Kaleigh Racing!

Lauryn doing a little jump
After the girls raced there was a little lull in action but we were then on to the Bra Relay oh yes I said bra!!  The relay is teams of two each rider has to do two laps, and there relay baton is a women's bra, they have to put it on for their lap. It was great entertainment and was full out race mode.  Shane and his teammate Phil got 4th in their heat and competed in the main and I believe ended up in 5th or 6th it was hilarious. After the relay the racers for Sunday took a preview ride to check out the course and just get a feel for the terrain while they did that the girls did laps on the kids course and rode for about an hour and a half. I was exhausted just watching them and Kaleigh was practically begging to go to bed after dinner.

Shane coming in to switch the bra with Phil

Phil leaving with his newest accessory a bra

Blurry Picture but the best one showing them handing off the bra from Phil to Shane

Sunday morning was another mad dash of fun getting Shane and his bike ready for the main event. He did get off and raced his full 5 laps about 20 miles per lap. He was exhausted and finished in 10th, I was very proud of him so much fun to watch and of course help.

We ended up leaving our camping spot Sunday night as I was out of patience for the wind my face looks like I am sun burnt but I assure you it is not I am wind burnt and it hurts more than being sunburnt I think. We spent the night in Lewistown in a hotel room, ate ice cream watched tv and relaxed. It was a great weekend!!

Two Little Girls with their trophy & medal!!

 Hope everyone else had a fabulous weekend too!

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