Monday, May 23, 2011

W.W.W.W = (Wow What a Wonderful Weekend)

So this last weekend was simply fabulous!

Friday a little family get together to celebrate my cousins birthday, Happy Birthday Riley!!

Saturday started off with the Race for the Cure to celebrate my beautiful cousin Tammy (she is Riley's mom). My sister and I ran the 5K, oh yeah well worth mentioning my sister just had a baby 3 months ago and yes she ran the 5K and we finished in 34 minutes taking 3 minutes off our time last year WHOOHOOO!!

My girls!

Me, Tammy, my sister and my girls

Lauryn being well Lauryn :)

Lauryn dancing to the music!

After the race home I went as my yard/jungle/farm land needed mowed and those darn yard fairies were M.I.A. again,  I swear if I find them I am going to give them a good talking to. So I spent the day mowing my two acres and enjoying the breezy yet very nice weather. I even got some help from my mom she came over and did one side of riding lawn mowing while I pushed mowed the ditches and around the places the rider doesn't fit or get. It was so nice, dinner on Saturday night was Cordon Bleu Chicken from Schwans. I should share my husband has been begging for me to buy this chicken from Schwan's for a good month he remembers it from when he was a kid and loved it so much he had to have it again. It was good but very rich tasting so just that small thing filled me up which disappointed me because i fixed Parmesan noodles with it and I love them and I couldn't finish them UGHH. And then Shane and I watched a movie so for your movie buffs I do not recommend, 127 Hours, very slow going and some pretty odd/gross parts. We didn't finish it, oh well.

Sunday morning up bright and early as I had weed eating to do and it was gorgeous out with the birds chirping and the quiet of a Sunday in the Helena Valley so nice. The girls were still in bed when I went outside and they slept in until 9 and 10 so that was odd but nice for them as they were in a great mood the rest of the from all the sleep the got. We played some catch after I was done with yard work and hung out in the sun. And to end the weekend went to a friends house and got to hang out with great friends for Little Ms Leland's birthday it was a lot of fun and laughs and great food (Thanks Christy for cooking) and just a good time to end a great weekend.

I hope everyone else had a great weekend as well and if you see my husband around tell him good job he is quitting smoking and although he has had a couple a day that is nothing compared to what he was smoking and I am so proud of him. He decided to quit all on his own and I was shocked, surprised and so happy it has been a long time coming but I know he can do it.

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