Saturday, October 6, 2012

Dear Kaleigh & Lauryn

Dear Kaleigh & Lauryn

I have been waiting to write this hoping some great words would come to mind, but with no such luck I am going to just type and talk. 10 years ago Kaleigh, you decided that at 6 weeks early you and your sister were ready to join the world outside.  Kaleigh you got to spend two weeks in the NICU and Lauryn you spent one week then you got to come home with mommy and daddy.

Kaleigh, your sense of adventure hasn't stopped since then.
 You are so much like your daddy, a little adrenaline junkie full of life, spirit, wonder and this desire to never stop moving. You are a little tomboy although sometimes I wish you would realize that being a girl isn't all that bad, we are working on it. As much as it drives me crazy when people mistakenly call you a boy, you let it roll off your shoulders, you know who you are and if they aren't going to pay enough attention to realize you are a girl then you will smile and let me correct them, which I do!  You love sports, if it involves competition and a ball you are involved. You have a large love for basketball though and daily we can find you outside at the basketball hoop, trying to slam dunk and shooting away. You are not a huge fan of reading and math as long as it involves real life stuff is pretty easy for you, another trait you get from your dad. My little Griz fan, you found this team with this large fuzzy bandana motorcycle riding bear and you just can't get enough. School clothes shopping is usually interesting but this year you made it even more so because I am pretty sure if I wouldn't have intervened you would have had a whole wardrobe of Griz stuff. I can't believe you are in 4th grade, I can't believe that you are so big, I can't believe that the little 4lb 10oz, preemie I brought home from the hospital is growing into such a beautiful young girl. You amaze me every day from your independent attitude to your love of life. Stay true to yourself and know that I am always here for you. Love you!

Lauryn, you still get pulled along for the ride sometimes!
You are so much like me that it drives me crazy sometimes, determined, stubborn, curious, yet quiet and reserved around people you don't know. You are my little question asker, there are stories of your daddy driving Papa Earle crazy asking questions while driving, well you my child overanalyze by asking questions. You are so curious about stuff, you will ask one quesition after another and sometimes one question on top of another question. But you love learning and love school and I think your curiousity payes off in this way. You love arts and crafts you are definately my girl with that lets paint, glue or design something attitude. You have such a big heart and I am sure that your future career will include kids. You love helping Maka take care of Emmalee you like feeding her, changing her, and just sitting and talking to her. You make me proud watching you with littler kids, you truley love them and are so compassionate. When it comes to your older sister you never forget to remind her that you are bigger, although you are not as diehard in the sports as she is you love basketball too and this year I have seen a love of volleyball developing. I am always proud to watch my girls play sports.  You have this insane love of your sisters rival team, the Bobcats. You even talk about wanting to go to college in Bozeman. I don't know if you started liking the Bobcats to drive Kaleigh crazy or because you really do like them but whatever the reason I am happy to support this in house rivalry, in secret hoping that you both go to the same college so mommy and daddy are not traveling in opposite directions on parents weekend. 4th grade snuck up on me and with it you growing so fast, you are already wearing my shoes, and soon may be stealing my clothes although I am secretly just hoping that my clothes are cool enough to steal. You were 5lbs, 4ozs when you were born and I am in awe of the gorgeous young lady you are becoming. I love your determination and love of learning it will take you far! Love you!

Girls your love of each other is a great thing and I know there are days maybe even some weeks where the fact that you are twins is a small fact, because you two are so polar opposites. But the nights I still have to put one of you back in your own bed remind me that you have a bond that no one will break. You are growing so fast and it gets me all teary eyed wishing I could freeze time just for a little while, so that I could go back and enjoy you being babies again. It went by so fast because I was so busy with two of you that I feel like I missed out sometimes. You two amaze me every day from watching you ride your dirt bikes, to socializing with your friends there are times I have to remind myself that you are getting bigger and older and are not the infants that needed my help every day. I hope you both know that I am here to listen anytime you want to talk to me, that I am here to support you in your dreams and to dream with you and I am here if you just need a hug. I still melt when I carry you guys to bed at night because there is no better feeling that your arms around my neck and hearing "I love you mom". I love you both so much and although I couldn't believe God trusted me so much when he gave me twins, you are and always will be my greatest accomplishments.

Love, Mom 

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