Monday, October 22, 2012

LML Monday! Hunting Season

I have missed out on this blog hop the last couple of weeks I have been busy being well who knows really. I am a bit stressed right now it is normal the girls' birthday comes and then the holiday rush and I get a little stressed out about money and this and that. It will all work out I just stress.
So as I was getting ready this morning I decided that one thing I was going to for sure do was post for LML. The reason is I really do Love My Life.

So Saturday was the beginning of hunting season here in Montana and yes we hunt. I however am an amateur hunter meaning I mainly go because that whole term "Hunting Widow" gives me a the creeps. So I started hunting two years ago as a way to spend more time with my hubby, and it is fun to get out and hike around and enjoy nature. But the first two weekends of hunting season I am usually at home with the girls hanging out and this weekend was no exception, commencing spare bedroom cleanup. Oh yes the spare bedroom the one that is supposed to be our oldest daughters but the garage/office is not complete so I cannot move her into her own room yet. I know it will happen sooner or later so I am not worried but in the meantime I wanted to declutter the mess of a room. You can look here and see the picture of what I was walking into YIKES. It looks much better now and two bags of paper were shredded which was amazing. I can't wait until we can clean, paint and have two girls in their own rooms. It will be a lot less stressful in our house when that happens.

But until then I will enjoy a few quiet weekends with no hubby spending time with my girls. :)  Thank you to hunting season , oh and the delicious meat is never a bad thing either, have you people seen the cost of meat at the supermarket double yikes!!!


  1. The Bright Side Blog is a good one-enjoyed her!

  2. Welcome back to LML Monday! It's always great to stop and focus on the things that make you happy - especially when you're as busy as you are! Have a great week. And good luck with hunting season. :)


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