Saturday, October 6, 2012

October 6th - I'm Thankful For

The last 10 years I had with this little guy. The love he gave to my girls the friend he was. Today the first pet Shane and I got together and the girls' first pet got hit by a car. Stubbs was just a cat to everyone else but to us he was great. He played fetched with my hair ties, he snuck into the girls room at night to sleep at their feet, he meowed like crazy outside the front door to get let back in, more than anything I think he loved us as much as we loved him. I truly miss him and have been crying like a big baby most of the day that he is gone no more mice presents on the front door, no more meowing for his dinner because we were running late, no more attacking me while I was folding clothes. Man I miss this little guy I am sad that he died the way he did and just sad that he is gone so sad.

I know we will get another cat I know he wouldn't live forever I just miss him he is a member of our family that isn't here anymore and it makes me sad.

I hope all of you have the blessing of an animal family member.

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  1. So sorry about Stubbs! Have had the blessings of many furry critter family members in my life, losing one is always so sad. Their unconditional love is a gift from " Our Friends in High Places" . I think they know we need someone to cry with, cuddle with , talk with and luv on when we maybe don't have anyone else by our side. L&P


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