Sunday, March 3, 2013

Grateful Sunday

I haven't done a random blog post in so long that I am having trouble getting started. The title should say it all and I have seen some linkups for this idea but I am going to go on my own for this and not link up to anyone. I love linking up don't get me wrong but feel the need to do this for myself. So here goes...

This past week had been a busy and almost boring at the same time. But while saying that I giggle at myself a little because life with twins and a hubby and the words slow just seem to clash.  So L had her first volleyball practice this week, this is a first for this mama one kid doing a sport and the other not participating very strange. But they are still two different people even though they share the same genes and birthday.  So that was Monday and went very well I think she has the same coach that the girls had last season so that made it nice for me. I went and worked out which I usually do during practice to give them a little freedom and also to multi task it is my theme most days.  Then the rest of the week chugged along as usual. Friday came upon us and hubby and I were off to the Ducks Unlimited Banquet we weren't going to attend this year but my dad asked us to go so of course we did. It was fun the dinner was nothing to rave about I could have cooked it at home but the last drawing of the night and Shane won a gun so that was very exciting. My dad bought my sister some prints she was eyeing and I think surprised the heck right out of her, he got me a goose decoy very neat and heavy I love it, and as my mom stayed home sick he got her a birdhouse. She loved it.  Saturday was busy with a wedding reception to go to. Congrats Sean and Jen it was a fun time had by all and you two make a great couple.  Sunday was a little more relaxed, floors to vacuum, laundry to do and a still sick hubby. He caught a bug and just can't seem to shake it I feel terrible for him he hardly ever gets sick and normally a cold will not keep him down but I am not so sure he didn't end up with a touch of the flu, with body aches and just plain being drained of energy. Hopefully he gets mended up soon as summer is fast approaching us and I know there is dirt bike riding and racing in the future. 
I hope all of you had a fabulous last week to and can find simple things in the all the crazy to be grateful for. I know I sure can they are named, K, L and Hubby! Never a dull moment just the way I like it.

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