Monday, March 25, 2013

Thankful Sunday

Thankful for so much. For my sister who is wiser beyond her years.  She keeps me sane some days and keeps me from saying things that will just get me in trouble. The last week has been one of trying patience and sneaky (this is not a bad sneaky by the way it was a good sneaky, love the thought that went into this) family. I have kept my head though and for that I am grateful. My parents did not raise me to take advantage of others they raised me to take care if myself.  Onto our weekend ...

This weekend we had the science circus on Saturday it was fun as always. That event makes me wish my kids would be going to Helena High. Their science program is fantastic. Sunday I spent time over at my grandparents house talking to my grandma out was time well spent as I have said on the past. And while I was visiting the girls and Shane were out working on the track and doing a little riding. Lauryn had a little wreck and got pretty banged up nothing broke thank goodness and it was going to happen sooner or later as she was getting to the point she was forgetting the power of these bike.

Love my family, love my life.

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  1. Hang in there Brook! Losing weight is a very hard job-speaking fron experience. LOL Six years ago this Easter Sunday we said good-bye to husband, dad, grandpa, uncle,etc. I was way too thin by then, although I hadn't worn that size since my college, wedding day. ( Got back into my two piece after the twins so can't blame the babies. ) I am also a large portion person and struggle with that! Determined to lose some pounds for health and to make me feel better about myself. Wishing us both a successful journey, although I think You look amazing! Hope Lauryn is feeling better. Have a happy and Holy Easter. L&P Darlene


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