Thursday, March 28, 2013

Easter Baskets 2013

So Sarah over at Our Journey commented on one of my posts and told me about her Easter Basket Showcase link party.  Well I went over and checked out her post on it and decided Heck Yes I wanted to join.  All I can think about is all the great ideas I will get for next year, you see to date my children still believe in the Easter Bunny oh yes I may have the only 10 years olds that still believe but you can bet I will keep that magic alive as long as possible, because that is what being a kid is all about Magic.

So to start this off I give you my girls Easter Baskets...
The girls pretty much get the same thing in their baskets, momma likes to keep things fair I just mix up the colors because well they are complete polar opposites even though they are twins.  In their baskets this year there is more than I planned I bought some things early and then forgot I bought them, oops.

Here is the rundown list pencils, pencil case, water bottle, bubble gum, playdough, nerds, bubbles, slap watch, word search, NFL trading cards, gummy lifesavers, plastic balloons, and whistle candy.

Oh yeah they will love it now to figure out where I am going to hide them because that is what I do, leave the girls notes in plastic eggs and hide their baskets for them to find somewhere in the house. I can't wait love the magic.

To keep the magic hubby always ends up with a basket too, so without further delay here is his basket. Filled to the brim with junk...Oh yes my hubby loves snacks and so the Easter Bunny definately aims to please.  Jalepeno Bugles, strawberry licorice, nerds, raisenets, bubble tape, gobstoppers, skittles and starburst. Oh my goodness I think I got a sugar high just talking about it.

Well Happy Easter and if you would join the link up or even just check out all the great Easter Baskets these lovely bloggin ladies have put together for their families head on over by clicking here.
Easter Basket Link Party


  1. I think that's awesome that the hubs gets one too and that entire basket would definitely satisfy my sweet tooth! And bubble tape... haven't even heard of that in at least 15-20 years! I used to love that stuff.

    Thanks for linking up friend!

  2. Awesome baskets. My boys all still believe. I enjoy that<3

  3. So cute & my husband gets a very similar basket too :)


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