Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy Easter

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  1. If I had an Easter basket in my house, my cat would do the same thing! Cats are so funny :-)

    My cat has thumbs and she runs off with things between her paw and her thumb. Little stinker!

    And she LOVES my water mixed with just a bit of Sobe water or Gatorade...she'll totally stick her face in my huge cup and drink it if I don't watch her (or have a lid on a cup). Today I was eating an egg salad sandwich and I got up to get something...and I came back and she had taken it apart and was eating the egg salad out of the middle! What a fruit loop she is!

    As I said in my reply back to you on my blog (don't know if you see replies or not) I LOVE your blog background :-) My "T" post coming up is quilt related!


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