Sunday, March 17, 2013

Thankful Sunday

It has been a crazy busy weekend, but it all was spent with family so it was wonderful.  

Friday Shane's cousin from Great Falls came to town he installed my auto start in my car and then we had dinner and we hung out until 4am. I would like it noted I am too old to be staying up that late Holy Cow I am tired. Saturday we had a birthday party in the afternoon and the girls had sleepovers to attend. And since we were kidless we went out with Shane's little bro Vegas bowling.  We had a great time and came home and crashed watching the Supercross that had recorded earlier in the day. Today I met my little sister and aunt over at my grandparents house.  Easter is coming and we thought Grandma would like some help getting her house ready.  A few hours later and the kitchen was sparkling and we got in some great time hanging out with my grandparents. Definitely going over there more it was a reminder that they won't be around forever and every minute with them is a memory I will not forget. You can buy all kinds of junk some of it useful some not but no matter what you buy it will be garbage some day, however time spent with a loved one will always and forever be a memory.
A great day was had by my hubby and K and L today too. As they got daddy daughter time.  K & L both said the best part of today was spending time with daddy.  Oh the memories my girls will have of time well spent.

Have a great new week and hopefully you will make some great memories!!

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