Thursday, September 19, 2013

4 years - 13 years

Yesterday was my 4 year wedding anniversary. I couldn't have asked for a better husband. We have had an exciting year this last year, not always exciting in a good way. The broken leg was just a broken leg it didn't break us it made us more responsible and more aware of our communication. We have two fifth graders this year and that is an adventure. We have been doing some work around our house trying to get the inside of the garage finished before hunting season starts and winter snow flies. And I had a job change and started school and hubby started another business. It is crazy but we are making it work.  This adventure is our adventure it might not work for anyone else but that is ok because it just needs to work for us.

Dear hubby thank you for joining me on this adventure for being my shoulder when I need to cry or just need a hug. Thank you for holding my hand when I am a little leary of the way. And thank you for giving me a smile and a wink when I am ready to go off the deep end you rescue me without even trying. You will tell me it will be ok even when you aren't always sure yourself, as much as I want the truth sometimes I need to hear that. Because in the end it will all be ok I just sometimes lose sight of that truth. You are my partner my friend and my confidant. I love you more every year we spend together so here is to another 4 years or let's say another 13 years. Love you.

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