Monday, September 23, 2013

Week 15: A letter to my 16 year old self

Dear Brook,

Don’t take yourself so seriously and remember others make mistakes too. Don’t be so shy and worried about what others think, because their opinions will not matter in the end. You are a beautiful, friendly, outgoing, caring person and you have wonderful friends who know the true you.

Boyfriends are great, they are fun, they help you figure out what you are looking for in a life partner, don’t be so set on one, and when he leaves realize that it is for the best, although you wouldn’t change the relationship you had it isn’t the end of the world and he taught you a lot about yourself. The breakup will teach you how strong you really are and how childish your relationship was. Live and learn from it don’t wish you could go back and change anything. There is a great country song that is so true, Bless the Broken Road, it will ring true to your life partner.

Friends will come and go but best friends will always be in your life. Remember those seven ladies from elementary school, cherish their friendship because they don’t judge you and they will always have your best interests in mind when giving advice. They will be there through thick and through thin, lean on them, share stories, tell them secrets and know that they always have your back. Remember that one friend you met in middle school, she is a confidant and although your lives will go in different directions you will always be able to sit and talk with her no questions are off limits and she will listen with an open ear, so do the same for her because when she needs you the most she might not say anything at all.

Listen to your parents yes they grew up in a different generation but they have lots of knowledge and the always want what is best for you. They will help you through your struggles, they will always be waiting in the background. Remember to thank them randomly, mom likes cards, yes they collect dust but she likes them and it is a little something that makes her smile. Dad likes hugs, although he won’t willingly just give you one, that car accident really scared him, he doesn’t want to lose you and he just keeps it all bottled up inside. Love them they love you.

College you really should get to applying, but I know you won’t you will stay back and work and think you will do it later. Ultimately putting off your dreams of teaching for a boy, it not something to change because your whole future will be different if you go but remember that you have it in you to finish college and although it may be stressful later in life you can do it and it will be much more rewarding.

Smile because the future is so blessed, you will have kids someday sooner than you had planned I am sure, twins non the less they will keep you busy, stress you out, and worry you beyond what you thought was possible. They will be a perfect blend of you and your husband, oh yeah you have one of those too. He is not perfect, but he is a perfect match for you. He keeps you from becoming a hermit, keeps you active and trying new things, and challenges your ways of thinking. He has a smile that melts your heart and even though he can make you grit your teeth at the end of the day he is the one that keeps you sane.

And just keep smiling, your smile is one of your best features, and you will meet and be friends with some amazing people. Life is truly blessed, with love.

Sincerely, Your 32 year old self

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