Monday, September 9, 2013

Week 13: A room within my childhood home

A room within my childhood home, this topic is like a guessing game. Picking just one room would be hard because my parents had the open concept living room, dining room, kitchen before it had a name. So that is the space I am picking. The living area I will call it. We had tons of dinners there, watched and helped my mom bake, and celebrated many birthdays. You see my family is big on celebrating, and I love that I love that I had the kind of a childhood where my family got together and I love that my kids get that kind of childhood. I was required to attend family functions until I was out of high school, it was not optional and although there may have been times I complained and moaned and groaned I would go and by the time it was time to go home or have family leave I was sad it was over. My kids are being raised the same way family is important you can go and hang out with your friends later, spending time with the older generations of your family can teach you a lot. So the one room in my house and all the houses of my relatives that I loved the most is the living area, the kitchen where the guys usually congregate around the table not to eat but to bullsh*t and the living room where all the kids were usually found rough housing. I love family gatherings so I love living areas. Where ever you make your living area your gathering spot I hope it brings good memories like mine does and I hope my kids will look back and say their favorite room was the living area too because of all the good memories made there.
Nope these aren't pictures of my parents' house however the living room one is pretty close right down to the animals on the wall.
Don't those stools look amazing I am in LOVE

Yes my dad has a mountain lion fur on the wall and my mom's deer is that size if not bigger. Love Hunting!!

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