Monday, September 16, 2013

Week 14: High school back then

Was high school really so far back then?
I won’t lie it seems like just yesterday except that I am more tired. High school graduation was 1999 if that helps date myself, it was fun and I would I believe go back and do it again. I am not sure I would change anything although there are a few things I would do a little differently I wouldn’t change them completely. I had a boyfriend on and off for pretty much my entire high school existence, I had a great group of friends and why they stuck with me through my boy crazy years is beyond me, and overall I did pretty well in school. I remember parties on the weekends where I was drinking water or pop and everybody else was drinking. I remember sleepovers and walking over to our elementary school, not to be rebellious but because we had such good memories over there and we could safely walk to it. Note: I wouldn’t even consider my kids walking over there in the middle of the night these days. I guess high school back then was a little more calm, more forgiving, more innocent. High school these days scares me a little more, not because of teenage pregnancies either, that was happening when I was in school and those girls looking back were the strongest of all of us. I don’t remember a lot of teasing but I remember watching people tease others and I wish I would have said something back then because really popularity was nothing, it means nothing now that we are adults, we are all going to die someday and whether or not we were popular in high school won’t change that. High school back then was rebellion, it was growing up, live and learn, and it was an experience that worth every minute. Funny how high school reunions are really becoming something of the past because of Facebook I would say. Before you would go to your high school reunion to see how people were doing, see their kids, catch up and try to relive old times. Now you can just click on their timeline on Facebook and catch up no high school reunion needed. Wonder if our kids will have high school reunions or if by then it really will be a faded memory.

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