Tuesday, October 1, 2013

FMF - True

Linking up with Lisa-Jo Baker for Five Minute Friday. Have been missing this lately read on to learn why.

So here we go writing for five minutes with no corrections, pre-planning, oh yikes.


It is true, I have gone and lost my mind. I decided that at the age of 32, with 11 year old twins, a full time job and a hubby that I would go back to school.  Yep I am pretty sure that constitutes madness.  So I took on 9 credits, by the way for me that seems like 100 credits, it is three classes, two in classroom and one online. I do homework here and there and everywhere, like for instance when I take my youngest to volleyball practice I go upstairs and sit in the family room and do my homework for Sociology class oh yeah what a joy.  I do love school I love that after being graduated from high school for so long and being out of the school world I can still pull some good grades, this mama still has it.  I am happy because I am pursuing my passion, I have wanted to be a teacher since the 3rd grade, when my teacher inspired fun and a love of learning into me. Thank you Mrs. Hanson (Ms. Burke), I can't thank her enough. So it is true that I might not be as organized as I once was, that my house is definitely not as clean as it used to be, and that there are days plenty of days that I run around like a chicken with its head cut off (I almost mean that literally you should see me). But I am enjoying the ride I am on and it is also true that my husband is a saint for putting up with all the craziness that is this semester of my life, he owns two businesses and so keeps odd hours so being home by 5 so I can go to school is sometimes a little extra stress on him, and he sits in bed and watches TV while I do homework and waits. So it is all true, I have lost my mind, my husband and girls are amazing, and it is also totally true that this too shall pass.


So what is true in your life right now?

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