Monday, October 21, 2013

Week 19: Your strengths and weaknesses in your marriage

Now that is personal. Let me see I try not to over share but I definitely like this question.
• We know how to make each other laugh
• We are committed to our relationship, we were a couple before we were parents so we make our relationship a priority
• We talk, not always about serious stuff but we talk we try not to bottle things up
• Being there, we are there for each other, whether it be a hand to hold or a shoulder to cry on, or sometimes even somebody to just vent to we are there for each other.
A strength and weakness is our stubbornness, we are both too stubborn to leave, and we both have to be right, although if you ask hubby he thinks he is right 99% of the time. Men 
• Different communication styles
• Being guarded, when I first got together with my husband he was very guarded when it came to serious relationship stuff, his parents got divorced and it affected him. He is much better now but it took 13 years.
• Independence, we are both pretty independent and it took time for us to remember that we had another half and it isn’t checking in it is being courteous and letting the other person know that you are ok
There are strengths and weaknesses in every relationship they are unique to that couple or that relationship and they are healthy without differences we would be two people who are the exact same and how boring would that be.


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