Monday, October 14, 2013

Week 18: Random facts about your other half

Random facts about my other half, this could be interesting here we go I will try not to embarrass him!

1. He hates mayo but loves homemade ranch dressing
2. He didn’t eat salad until he met me, now he eats it with ranch, bacon and crackers on it, YUMMY
3. He is not ticklish, I mean not at all in fact he gets annoyed at people who insist that if they just keep tickling him he will laugh
4. He wears a youth size in fitted hats
5. He has been the same weight since I met him 13 years ago
6. He can sing, and I mean sing, the man has a great voice and an incredible memory he remembers lyrics and singers like it is nobody’s business
7. He loves old rock and rebel country, and he likes it loud
8. He wanted a little boy when we found out we were having twins, he got two little tomboys who think their daddy is superman and he smiles just mentioning their names.
9. He loves foot rubs, back rubs, oh who am I kidding he likes full body massages.
10. He has a terrible sweet tooth, cookies, fruit snacks, ice cream he loves it all

I will stop there but you get the idea, I have been with him for 13 years I know a lot and funny thing is I still learn some new things here and there I love that about him.

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