Monday, February 10, 2014

Write & Gifts

So I have been slacking in blogging, so many excuses but nothing that is blog worthy. I have been busy, feeling unmotivated, trying to find motivation to workout again, trying to find my way so to speak. So I am combining two link-ups.  My Five Minute Friday over at Lisa Jo Baker and a new one called New Every Morning over at Paper-Bark Burch.  I love both of these, it will be my first time actually linking up with Sarah Jo over at Paper-Bark Burch but I have been following her for a little while and loving the idea of this. It really makes you think and appreciate every minute.

So here we go ready, steady, GO...

The New Every Morning is so wonderful you get to be thankful for every little thing or big thing but I have been keeping a gratitude journal it is really just a little notebook I got at the dollar store that I write little things in that I am thankful for it reminds me that the day wasn't really that bad that life really isn't that rough and that God gives us blessings in so many different ways it all depends on on we look at it. So here are some of my entries.

  1. A husband who surprises me by emptying the dishwasher (I hate this task more than cleaning the bathroom)
  2. Flexible hours at work if I get there at 8:30 it is not the end of the world.
  3. A work enviroment that is family friendly.
  4. Warm socks as I hate being cold
  5. My mom because she really is amazing and I strive to be like her, she is a grizzly bear mama for sure she protects her family because we are her world.
  6. My parents marriage, they have been married for 38 years together for much longer and they just keep going, I know it wasn't all easy they let us see some of the hard times so we weren't delusional going into our own relationships but they stood together and still do. AMAZING!!
  7. A garage that keeps the snow off my car so I don't have to sweep it, but also the car sweeper so when I am at work I can sweep off my car and my coworkers because it is fun being sneaky nice.


There you go, I write becuase it I love it, I write to share a little of my world and my outlook on said world, I write so our family can keep up with our craziness, I write because it is me.

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  1. Hi there! Visiting from FMF. I thought I was the only one slacking in blogging. But it's good to be back to writing. And I'd love to have flexible working hours. Would be nice to wake up later than 5am for a change :-)


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