Friday, March 21, 2014

Facebook Break

I did it and I didn't warn anyone or say anything but I am taking a break from Facebook!! It is almost freeing, liberating, fabulous.  Was seeing stuff that made me sad parents not spending time with their kids but out partying, family members being mean and rude to each other, and just a bunch of score keeping. I will get back on for sure, and I will definitely miss some friends and family on there but for the most part if I want to know I can text, call, write, or go visit. This mama needed a break to concentrate on her family, I am one lucky lady to have two healthy kids, one amazing husband, the best parents a girl could ever ask for as they have always put my sister and I first in their lives, a sister that is a friend, and friends that are family. If you need to reach me you can do it here!!

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