Friday, March 28, 2014


Linking up with Five Minute Friday and Lisa Jo.  Need some writing therapy so this will be good for me and maybe you too.

Here we go the word is MIGHTY

And Start!!

Mighty it is such a small word that means so much. He is a mighty God, and I know that there is a reason for everything sometime I just feel so overwhelmed with emotions and decisions. I know I should just pray to Him and turn my worries over but I am a control freak and a fixer. I want to fix it myself and not rely on anyone else.  He is mighty enough to take on all of my worries and my fears, and He has a plan for everything even if I don't understand it. All the stress of last summer we made it through thanks to Him, when my niece was diagnosed with Angelman's Syndrome and we all questioned why, He had an answer even though we may not understand all His plans, he is a mighty God.  As I watch my grandparents and parents age and think about the future, I have been realizing nobody has control over anything, God is in control and everything happens for a reason.  I chose to keep Him in my life and give Him my worries, because the easiest way to make God laugh is to tell him your plans.


Not sure that was the path I was planning for that post but unedited and real there it is.

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  1. "but I am a control freak and a fixer." -Me too. Thanks for your honesty and sharing your heart.


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