Wednesday, September 12, 2012


So I found this blog hop that is goes along with my favorite Thursday link up, Thankfulness Thursdays. This one is LML Monday, which stands for Love My Life. I can't help but be excited to write about this past weekend and how much it makes me Love My Life.

So this past weekend we headed to Great Falls for a benefit for Shane's cousin Jilli's baby, Paisley. So we will now call it the Paisley Benefit. Paisley was born with Infantile Blindness which they didn't know at birth they just found out a short time ago so now there are all the specialists that she needs to see and places to travel, so a benefit was held to help with all the costs. Of course we love Jilli so off to the benefit we went to hang out with some of the Feist Family and some of the Meek Family and lots of friends. It was wonderful, I think everyone had a good time and I am sure they raised a good sum of money to help out this young family. 

To my LML, well it is all about Family, I had a great family from birth but almost 12 years ago I got lucky again when I met my husband because his family is amazing. They have all been extremely nice to me since the first time Shane introduced me to them and I know that if I ever need something I can call them and they would help me out. They are amazing, no-nonsense, straightforward and honest. So I Love My Life because of people like the ones that banded together this weekend to help out a young family and make sure they knew they had support and love behind them.

Paisley you are one loved little girl, who may have slept through most of your benefit but I think that was because you knew everything was going to be alright, you could just feel the love.

Why do you love your life?

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  1. Welcome to LML Monday! So glad to have you in the hop. (We're still very new, but hopefully the joy will continue to spread in the weeks to come.)

    It sounds like you definitely have some great reasons to love your life. Family is one of the things that keeps me going, as well. And Paisley is absolutely adorable! I wish her (and the rest of the family) the very best.


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