Thursday, September 6, 2012

Thankfulness Thursday Week 6

Oh yes it is that time again, I am joining Ashley over at Domestic Fashionista for Thankfulness Thursdays. Man I love this linkup

This week I am thankful for Big Sky Country, and that my grandfather decided to become a rancher.  You see the weather is turning a little cooler this week and it is teasing me with Fall, the season of apples, fleece pants, thick socks, and crunchy leaves. Oh I love it, and I get to experience it to it's fullest where I live. Montana is known for open spaces and I live in in the valley of my town on 72 acres, ranch and farm land. There is a creek that runs behind my house and last night while we were sitting at the table for dinner 20 whitetail deer went running a stone's throw from our house. So beautiful to watch, although I will confess my husband was scouting them out as hunting season is almost upon us. I love the land I live on and the city I live in and I love that my grandfather decided he would be a rancher and give his kids and grandkids the opportunity to live on some of the land he has. I love that I have seen eagles, raccoons, beavers, deer and numerous other animals all from my backyard. I love that I can take my kids and dogs to the creek in the back where they can splash around and catch fish. And even though spring usually brings a little flooding and the ground is squishy I love that my kids can go outside and play and I don't have to worry they will be hit by a car or that there is a weirdo lurking around the corner. The neighbors are friendly and the air is clean. I love it, am so thankful for it and will never take it for granted.

What are you thankful for this week? Maybe a season, a person or just being here. Please share...


  1. I love to read these Brook! I am tempted to try this, but not sure I can do it justice. Don't blog at all so what are the rules? Do I "Get My Birthday Taken Away" if I miss a Thursday? Please tell me that means something to you-my 16 year old helper Heather hadn't a clue what I meant when I used that comment!! Had to explain it was a generational thing I guessed and there are lots of years between her, you and my 70+ years! I have LOTS of things to be thankful for and I am THANKFUL for that. What happened to the rest of the week? Do we have Mundane Mondays, Terrible Tuesdays, Wonderful Wednesdays.., etc.? Just Do I have to have a clever name, Montana Mama or such? Enough questions-answers coming I hope.. I am Thankful for being here! On the blog and on this Earth. L&P

  2. Thanks for visiting my blog! We live in the Sierra near Tahoe, so are also getting the start of fall here, and it's had me a little bummed out because summer was so wonderful and I'm not ready for the cold yet. But I love your positive take on the changing of the seasons. Clearly I spent too many years in SoCal and need to learn to appreciate seasons again! ;-)

  3. Beautifully said Brook. With my job, my travels, and my bowling, I have seen a great deal of the continental United States, however, MONTANA is and always will be my home! I live within the city limits, but tell Shane, I have some whitetail deer in the neighborhood - in case his gets away!


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