Friday, September 14, 2012


Sitting here on a Friday night watching DVR'd America's Got Talent with my girls. I am feeling kind of sad, reminiscent maybe. Not sure about what, maybe that we don't have anything exciting to do. No Alex is over visiting us, no sleep over, just the TV and my girls. Funny I decided when the girls were first born that I wasn't going to be a partying mom. I am happy that I spend most of my weekends with my family we go to bbq's, have race weekends, camping trips, skiing, sledding and just hanging out. But I prefer to spend time with my kids while they still want to spend time with me and the sad truth is they are growing so fast I already look at pictures from when they were two or three and my eyes well up with tears. So I don't know why the mood maybe I am tired but tonight I feel like there should be something exciting happening and there just isn't.
Maybe this is where I should just smile look around me and be thankful for the boring night I am having making a memory with my girls.
Guess I needed to whine a little and listen to myself to know life is great even when boring and most of the time it might be even better because I can enjoy it.
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  1. Whine is good, we all need to do it now and then! It makes our mind think about all the blessings WE have and all the people that are not as fortunate. Something exciting IS happening in your life, just maybe not on Friday! L&P


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