Monday, February 11, 2013

14 Days of Valentines Days 6-11

OK so my daily posts idea may have gone up on smoke. I have been so busy we are almost finished with the office in the garage and that means there has been a lot of moving of stuff. I would prefer another word but I will keep it PG. Anyway all the moving has kept us really busy, this weekend we made so much progress though I am so excited I will share all about it in another post tomorrow. Today's post though is about Days 6-11 to catch you up I am not sure I can find pictures for all the days but I will try I haven't been very good with camera either lately.
Day 6 - Fruit Snacks
Note: A treat for my favorite MONKEY!
Day 7 - Chapstick
Note: I love KISSING you!

Day 8 - Licorice
Note: I am so glad you CHEWS me!


Day 9 - Skittles
Note: Thinking about you gives me the SKITTLES!
Day 10 - Soda
Note: You are SODA amazing!

Day 11 - Hot Pretzels
Note: You make me HOT and WILD!

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