Friday, February 1, 2013

Wonderful Post

OK so while checking out the web I found this wonderful post by My Friend Teresa Photography we are not actually friends although I love reading her blog and she takes fabulous pictures we have never met and in fact we have never even talked but she inspires me, funny how some people inspire us and we don't even know it. Well I am will share throughout this year some of the people who inspire me, some will surprise you some may not but I think when someone inspires me they should know about it. Hopefully it puts a smile on their face. So here is the link to the picture, I have noticed lately I have this need to be in pictures with my kids, if you look at pictures from when they were really little there are not as many pictures with me in them. Usually my role is behind the camera but lately I turn the camera around and snap a fun shot of me with my girls or me with my hubby. I live this life too, I want it to be documented. Her post is wonderful it inspires and brings to light the fact that life is short and we all live this life so why not have pictures to look back on and jog the memory.
I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

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