Thursday, February 21, 2013

Marriage & Parenting: Being Thankful and Present

I haven't been blog reading as much lately, too much going on at home. Painting, carpet laying, moving of stuff all to give two girls their own rooms, it will be worth it it just takes a lot of energy, I promise more details and pictures when it is done. Until then I got to do a little catch up reading and these two posts made my heart hurt a little because there is so much truth in them. Love your hubby and don't keep tabs on who is doing more or less, and listen and be present for your kids whatever you are doing can wait and tomorrow they will be another day older.
For all you parents, Rachel at Hands Free Mama is a daily must read.
How To Miss a Childhood is a great post and reminder. Read it really read it.
For all couples, Time Warp Wife is a great reminder.
This post from Time Warp Wife, made me cry and smile knowing that yes I have been that wife grumbling about making lunch for my husband, rubbing his back and mainly just taking him for granted, I may still from time to time do this but I promise after reading this post I will do it ten times less.
I hope you enjoy these two blogs as much as I do.

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