Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Thankful Sunday

Wow can you say late, well I can I am running late. Too much going on not enough time in the day, but here goes nothing.

This last week was a busy one from Easter Baskets to the Bunny almost being revealed.

So that story well I took pictures on my cell of the girls' easter baskets to post on my blog you know how fun, well I didn't erase them off my cell and the next morning K was getting the weather forecast off my phone and pushed the camera button and what to wandering eyes appears but an easter basket. I blew it off and told her the bunny must have sent me a picture of their baskets in case we had trouble finding them. I know quick thinking well it was really lying and I even felt a little bad but not too much I will keep the magic of the Easter Bunny alive as long as possible because I know when they figure that one out there goes the Tooth Fairy and Santa Claus. I can't handle them growing up all at once, YIKES!! So the myth remains in tact for awhile longer.

The weekend was jammed packed with fun, Friday daddy took the girls riding they were trying to go to the top of Hedges but didn't make it the snow was definately not encouraging, but they had a good time and I met them at York Bar for a delicious burger after so all in all a good day.  Saturday daddy went riding with a buddy and us girls were left to do some house cleaning and a little thrift store shopping.  Goodwill had what we needed.  I have a story about thrift store shopping later.  Sunday the Easter Bunny came and we had places to be, over my parents for a little hunt my mom loves holidays because of kids so we go over there so she can have a little fun with her grands by herself.  Then out to East Helena for the VFW egg hunt which is always a good time we saw some friends and got some prizes.  Then to my grandparents for linner, lunch and dinner mix, and another egg hunt plus playing with kick balls and chasing bubbles.  Then to Shane's mom's house for a little gathering to see his Grandma.  It was a fun week and weekend even with time running away from me. Hope you all had a fantabulous easter and got to spend good times with family and friends.

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