Saturday, February 22, 2014

Basketball 2014 Champs

They did it again they took the champ title for rec league. They may not play spirit league but they definitely had the best team spirit of any team they played they listened to every call and practiced hard every time. They left it all on the court and learned the honest truth about sports that even the best fall sometimes. Every player will have a bad game and lose sometimes but if you don't practice hard and truly love the game you have no business on the court. Love the smiles on their faces win or lose they love the game!!

As a parent all I can say is I hope every time my daughter's go on the court to play any sport that they smile and have fun that is what makes them so fun to watch not whether they win or lose just that they try and have fun.

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  1. A very nice read indeed! Thanks for sharing this! I have to agree with you that a sport should be enjoyed, in the sense that it also teaches the players the meaning of perseverance. Of course not all of those who persevere are rewarded. However, those who are rewarded are the once who persevere. Ever thought of getting matching jerseys for your daughters?

    Jennine Stalder


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