Wednesday, October 12, 2011

5 Moments in Time

So I learned it is National Blog Post Month, and I decided to sign up for the adventure. I normally have lots to say but today not so much so I am using the prompt for today.

If your life flashed before your eyes, what are 5 moments you know would be included?

My 5 Moments would be (in no particular order)...

1. The day my husband proposed. I never in a million years thought he would actually do it, so it was a total shock and very romantic for him. We dated for 8 years before he asked!!

2. The day my girls were born, I know if you have kids you probably said this too, but that was a profound moment in my life, the look on my husbands face I can still see as if the moment is happening all over in front of my eyes. I love that day.

3. The day I graduated high school. Not sure why this day but it came to mind it was a great day all around, so many friends and family, parties to go to, lots happening. I can still feel the excitement the anticipation.

4. The day my grandmother passed away.  Not a happy day at all, but it is definately a day that sticks in my mind. I still remember being in the Dairy Queen Drive thru with my mom and girls in the car, the lady on the phone stated that we needed to head up to the nursing home because it wasn't going to be much longer. Although this wasn't a happy day it was a day of relief.  My grandmother fought in the war, she was a strong stubborn woman and I loved her greatly, but she had Alzheimers and watching her deteriorate was devastating.  Knowing that she was no longer going to be suffering and would be back with my grandpa was a relief.

5. My girls first day of Kindergarten.  This still makes me cry, they are growing at such an alarming speed. Kaleigh won't kiss me good-bye anymore at school just a hug and a quick one at that. Lauryn still gives me a hug and a kiss, I think God knows I still need one of them to do that. I am not ready to let go and thankfully I don't have to just yet but every year they get so much more independent and it breaks my heart that they don't need me for things all the time.

All of these are great memories I hope I never forget.

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