Monday, October 17, 2011

9 Years

2 Weeks Old

My babies are 9 years old this year, YIKES, and double YIKES.  I can’t believe it has been 9 years, I want to cry (more like sob), smile, rejoice, I am just overcome with emotions at this thought it makes me so sad and so happy all at the same time.  How is it that the last 9 years have  escaped me, I feel like I missed it, I know I was there but I don’t feel like it has been 9 years and I want to go back and start over to do all the things I said I would and just savor it more.  I love my girls, I know I did my best at any given moment but I feel like because there were two of them I may have rushed things or maybe just survived some things instead of really enjoying them.  And as I watch my girls and how much they have grown I hope and pray I am doing a good job and they will survive middle school and high school and life in general.  That they won’t be teased and picked on and that they will stick up for others and not tease and pick on other kids.  That life won’t necessarily be easy but that it won’t be so hard that they forget to enjoy it.  I hope we have been teaching them right and wrong and independence and self reliance and all those other things that I wanted and want them to learn.  9 years gone already where did the time go and how do I get it back.  Because although I wished for them to walk and talk and grow and learn, I wish there was a reverse button so I could go back and enjoy the cuddling of two babies again. (Sigh)

3rd Graders!!

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  1. So know (kinda) where U R coming from! I always felt Jeff got "short changed" as he was only 13 months when Kirk & Chris arrived and didn't get the alot of time to be an "only". It was a wild ride for the first 3 years especially-cloth diapers, cooked formula,little sleep,but only had to prop bottles one time, when both decided they were hungry at the same time. I've told my "boys" I probably scarred them for life, but they insist I didn't-bless them. I think we all do the best we can & I know you & Shane have done a great job! A redo button would be great at times, but I guess we wouldn't learn some life lessons if we had that option-tho I'd be the first one in line to push that hummer! You deserve to be proud of the girls and I am super proud of the "grown-up" boys. That doesn't mean we can't wish we'd done some things a different way-and we absolutly CAN sob when we need to!! I miss the cuddling too-so sneak in a hug when they will let you. Love & prayers Darlene


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