Thursday, October 27, 2011

Man this parenting thing is hard

I volunteer in my daughters’ classrooms on Wednesdays; it is only for an hour but definitely one of the best hours of the week.  I usually am helping the teacher with filing, stapling, whatever work they have for me I am not particular.  I have been volunteering at their school since Kindergarten and every year it is a new adventure, the time is meant to make sure my girls know that I think education is important and that I am there involved and always willing to help.  I get to do whatever task the teachers have for me all the while watching my girls interact in the classroom, with friends and just being whatever grade and age they that particular year.  This year happens to be 3rd grade, now my 3rd grade year may have been long ago to some but to me I remember it like yesterday.  That was the year I met the most amazing teacher.  Ms Hansen was A-M-A-Z-I-N-G, AMAZING!!!  She was so dedicated to her students her job, she truly loved it and she showed it in every lesson, thought and gesture.  This all leads up to me having high expectations for my daughter’s 3rd grade year, which has been AMAZING so far, until yesterday.  I was volunteering and at the end of my time it is time for recess for my girls so I usually walk out on to the playground with one of them to find the other one of them to say goodbye and I will see you after work.  Well I walked out on to the playground to find my Kaleigh very upset, like crocodile tears ready to spill over really upset.  I was instantly heartbroken; she explained that her friend that she plays with every day had given her a note stating they were no longer friends.  Why was my first question, had they had an argument?  Nope Kaleigh couldn’t think of any reason for them to not be friends she just said that at the last recess she was being mean to me and then she had her other friend give Kaleigh the note.  Well I read the note it did very simply state in crayon on a corner of black construction paper “Were (I think meaning we’re) no longer friends”.  Ouch, mean and hurtful.  Well I had to go back in to sign out in the volunteer book so I decided to check with her teacher to see if he had witnessed anything that might explain this better to me.  The determination was Kaleigh had said something about her being mean but he didn’t know anything else but he would intervene because there was a note written and that is not a place we need to go.  I was thankful for his ear to listen and his calm approach, I didn’t want the little girl to get in trouble I just wanted to be able to better help Kaleigh work through this situation so she better understood and could learn to handle things like this and be a better person in the end.  I took Kaleigh home after I got off work and we talked some more about it, she started crying and that broke my heart because I knew she was hurt.  Kaleigh is my follower she isn’t as sure of herself as her sister and she goes along with the crowd a little more, but after last night I think, I at least relayed the message that I love her and there is no reason for her ever to put up with someone being mean to her she is a unique and wonderful kid and she should take a chance and try to play with other kids too.  Well I got an email from the teacher this morning stating they appeared to have made up with each other so I hope this is true but I am also hoping it isn’t because Kaleigh gave in and went along with the crowd.  Man this parenting thing is hard.

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