Tuesday, October 25, 2011


What is your favorite girly-girl thing to do?
This was a question I had to answer to enter a giveaway.  It is a great question for any woman but I read it and immediately the mom in me came out and I was like oh I know I know like a kindergartener with their hand waving wildly in the air.  I have two little tomboys if you know my twins they are their daddy’s girls for sure.  While most of the time I am thankful that my husband has such a great relationship with his daughters I am other times jealous and feel a little left out of this specialness they share.  My girls would rather be outside on any given day and the task at hand can be anything as long as it isn’t sunbathing J.  They love to ride dirt bikes, play monkey in the middle, toss a football, bait a hook, or anything else that their daddy might be doing and I mean that they have been known to ditch a trip to town with me to stay home and help their dad with any task such as fencing in the dog kennel or moving sandbags.  I love them so much and I really do on most days love the relationship between them and their daddy but I am human and I have my days where nothing would please me more than them picking me and going shopping. J  What is even funnier about this that their daddy knows this and sometimes will help me out a little and tell them that he is leaving and that they had better go and help me, God Bless that man he truly loves me.  Well onto the question at hand, my favorite girly-girl thing to do with my girls is nail painting parties.  Oh yes even the most rugged tomboys like to have their fingernails and toenails painted and it turns into a party when you have more than one person!!  So into the master bath we trudge to sit on the cold linoleum and pull out the tub of paints, files, and decals and we make our nails all beautiful.  If you ever walk into my master bath and look at the floor you will know why there is linoleum in there because there is some gold, silver, pink and many other colors of drops of fingernail polish on the floor from a couple of oops and oh my gosh are their fingers under that color moments.  But even though I have made a couple of late night runs to the store for more polish remover and I have definitely freaked out a couple of times at the mixture of paints happening.  I love every memory we make sitting on that floor making rainbows on our fingers and laughing because daddy stays far far away from there for fear he will get trapped into some finger painting of his own J  

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