Thursday, October 13, 2011

Like Mother, Like Father

So my prompt for today is who are you more like your mom or your dad?

I am not really sure I think I am a happy sprinkling of both. I am me that is for sure what that entails is a whole lot of different things. I am loud, talkative, yet quiet and reserved. I love doing stuff with my family but am nervous to try new things. I am a loyal friend and great supporter. I love unconditionally and trust the same way however if you break that it will be a fight for me to give those two things back. I am once broken forever cracked. I love reading, art projects, scrapbooking and working out. I love being outside and I even love mowing the lawn. I love that although it is taking time my yard that was once a field is starting to look like a yard beautiful with trees and grass and even a couple of apples. I love watching my girls enjoy the beauty that is outside the space that they get to call theirs. Riding their bikes, digging, building, swinging and all the rest they have plenty of room to roam and that is how it should be. I guess it is safe to say I am just me I try to find pleasure in all the small things and enjoy every day I try to not hold grudges and I try to treat every one the same because I don't know what others are going thru in their own lives.
To answer the question who am I more like I would say both of my parents because I think I got the best part of both I am independent yet love spending time with my family and living in another state let alone city would be terrible. I am me and that is a great feeling.

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