Saturday, July 7, 2012

Feist/Foley Camping

Five Minute Friday

Tell me a story you say about a little boy and his bear... 

Nope that won't be what we will talk about today. I have been trying to get a blog post out for a couple of days about the fabulous mini vacation we took last weekend the 1st Feist/Foley camping trip.  It was an adventure for sure city camping as my husband so lovingly referred to it as we were close enough to go to the store and/or run home.  It was a lot more fun than I think he wanted to admit at first (although he had the best time and did some much needed relaxing). We stayed at Camp Sheriff campground on Canyon Ferry with some of the Foley Clan.  The girls had so much fun playing with all the kids and us adults had a great time getting in trouble after dark. The cops showed up to tell us to quiet down and we made s'mores and got to telling stories. Mostly the boys were telling stories about growing up and causing trouble, it is amazing I decided after the stories they told that they are still alive and not in jail. But it was a great weekend and one I hope we can repeat maybe not every year but again soon. Maybe we will try camping in Colorado next, as I know a trip to visit down there is long over due.  Thanks Colorado Foley Family for coming up for a visit and for "roughing" it with us for a few days!! It was a weekend for making great memories and to continue on the Feist/Foley Friendship for another generation!!

McKinley, love this face!!

Maddy is a lake diva, love her independence

TROUBLE (definition: A Foley boy hanging out with my Feisty girls)
In other words a lifelong friendship

And that is my 5 Minute Friday!!

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  1. Brook

    May I ask who is the Foley family? Are they related? or friends?


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