Thursday, July 19, 2012

Feisty Family

When Larry and Julie come to town I enjoy nothing more than the phone call from Earle, telling me we are having dinner at his house. A secret you might not know is my father-in-law is a darn good cook, so any reason to go to his house for dinner is a good reason. However Larry and Julie coming to town is an even better reason!! Larry is my hubby's uncle and Julie is his wife, they are the kindest people you may ever meet who always try to see the best in others.  My girls love going to see them, and a trip to their neck of the woods may be in order one day, however I am thinking that may be a winter trip as they live in Arizona and with the heat in my area these past couple of weeks I am sure my sweet self (yes go ahead and laugh) would melt down there in the summer.  Anyway we got over there last night and had some pork roast, potatoes, and salad with goldfish.  OK so the story here is that Julie couldn't find croutons so she used goldfish in the salad, now my girls love veggies anyway but add their favorite cracker to the mix and they each had two helpings of salad I think just so they could dig through and pull out goldfish.  We got to hear some great stories, share some laughs and make some new memories. It was fabulous, we will be seeing them again on Sunday as I am going to cook them breakfast and have them over to our house for a bit. Should be a good time, safe travels you two and see you Sunday!!

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  1. Tell Larry and Julie hi from us. We didnt know they were here in town.


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