Saturday, July 14, 2012

Great Divide Ride

Hey everyone ran into the nicest guy today at the Farmers Market. His name is Gen the girls saw him first a guy walking next to a tall off road unicycle is not an everyday sight at the Helena Montana Farmers Market. He stopped and let the girls look at his bike and gave us a card so we could check out his website and blog. He was so nice we gave him a couple of bucks that he very reluctantly took wish we would have had more cash on us, darn it. Hopefully he can get a cup of coffee with it. Well we went out and checked out his website and blog and now I am passing on the link. Please go check it out and donate if you can he is biking for a great cause and to bring awareness to a very real issue.

Stay Safe Gen!!

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  1. Checked out his site- interesting. I applaud people who find such unique ways to try and make a difference.


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