Monday, July 23, 2012

More Like You

So this is a post I have been trying to write for a month or so now. I have a niece and a nephew, my nephew is 4 years old and all boy he is into trucks, tractors and Toy Story. And no matter how much of a monster he can be sometimes, I love hearing him say "Auntie Brookie" it melts my heart, watching him interact and protect his baby sister melts my heart even more. My niece is 17 months old and she is my little Diva, nothing compares to her happiness, her love, her smile. She is an angel and I say that knowing she has Angelman Syndrome. My post became easier to write today because I found ths following song and it describes what Angelman Syndrome is and is so fitting. If only we were all a little more like her. She really is what we should all strive to be, which is herself. She is a blessing to our family, she doesn't need prayers or pity, she is this perfect human being who blesses all those who get to meet her and spend time with her. I hope you enjoy the song and the video and take time to go to itunes and purchase and donate to this wonderful foundation.

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  1. Thank you sis, that means so much and made me cry:) Heather


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