Thursday, August 30, 2012

Thankfulness Thursdays Week 5

Oh yes it is Thursday again, I so look forward to this link up every Thursday it puts me in a mood for sure. How can you not smile and be happy when you thinking about what to be thankful for this week?

Well I have been thinking about this almost all morning and was actually having a hard time because the first two things that came to mind were my kids and hubby, then the next thing that came to mind was the men in my life. And while all of these are blog worthy discussion topics and I am always thankful for them, the first two I have written about and didn't want to do a repeat and the last one is a blog post that needs to be written all for itself. So while I was typing this it came to me, I am thankful for the girls' school and all the wonderful staff.

The girls' school, I won't mention by name as that is a little over sharing on my part and gives too much information to the world wide web. But it is an amazing elementary school, in fact I went there for school and I loved it so much that me and some of my girlfriends used to go back and volunteer when we were in middle school and had days off that the elementary kids didn't. I know we were crazy but when you go to a school that the staff feels like family it is hard not to go back and visit.

My girls are in different classrooms again this year, which is good because even though they are twins they are completely different.

So while we are going to their classrooms it takes us forever to get there because we are stopped by past teachers that had the girls that just want to give them a hug or say hi. We are stopped by the principal because she wants to know how their summer on dirt bikes went. I mean in a school the size of theirs the principal alone is amazing she gets to know every child she remembers their names she is amazing. I am so thankful that when my children are at school during the day I am not worrying about anything happening to them and maybe that is naive but the staff care so much and yes in just the four years my girls have been there I have seen some staff come and go but some of those going needed to go because they didn't have the compassion and drive and love of their job the way the rest of the staff does.

So today I am thankful that I can send my girls to school and know that someone realizes how amazing they are to me and thinks they are amazing too.

What are you thankful for?

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