Saturday, January 5, 2013

Christmas 2012

Ho Ho Ho   Merry Christmas

Our Tree = Beautiful
OK so I am a little late but if I put this off any longer I might be a whole month late and I am pretty sure that would be bad etiquette!

The Feisty Family had a fabulous Christmas a little more stressful it seemed than past years and for some reason this year I was having a hard time getting in the spirit but we made it.

Christmas Eve was spent at the hubby's mom's house, dinner or prime rib and family chat time it was nice, although next year we are going for no cell phones :) I have a bunch of pictures however a lot of them have people using their cell phones in them, darn it.

Anyway it was a great time here are some pictures to prove it...
Rare self portrait with hubby - Man I love him

Girls made out with new Bobcats and Griz pjs, and tea cups

4 Generations
Next day was Santa at our house...
Santa brought bean bag chairs

Mom and Dad got them cameras

Hubby and Girls got me my Christmas flowers I love this tradition
 then over my parents...
Yes they are spoiled

Gangster style

How can you not LOVE that smile!
 up to my Aunt's...
Playing ranch with Uncle Shane (yes he wore the tank top all day)
 and over to Auntie Dawn's!
Papa and Nana love
Definitely a day full of fun and a change of location normally we go to Shane's dad's house but this year Dawn was hosting it was a fun change and relaxing it was nice, very nice.

Anyway I hope you all had a fabulous Christmas and are enjoying my belated posts.

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