Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Ornament Swap #2

OK so if you know me very well I love Christmas ornaments, I have some from my grandma and I wish I would have asked about one from Shane's grandma. But alas I did not, darn it. I love ornaments that have a history or a memory, nothing flashy nothing wild but something that makes one remember. Well my secret Santa read my mind and I got this great elf.
Love him!
Not only did she get me this elf she made him!!!!! Can you believe it, I love him my grandmothers sister used to knit and make dolls and all kind of things so this brought back so many great memories. I absolutely can't get enough of him and packing him away for a whole year was really hard, his hat is even bendable. Oh yes definitely a memory maker for sure.
To top it off our swap was ornaments and something sweet and she outdid herself again by making me Hot Chocolate mix.
YUMMY, it is so good oh my gosh I can't explain it but it tastes like Hershey's syrup hot. Delish!!
Thank you so much to my swap partner Katie over at Polka Dots & Sunshine, to see what I got her check out her blog.

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