Tuesday, January 8, 2013

A Great Weekend

So this last weekend we headed to Judith River Guard Station, a forest service cabin, to spend a night with family and get away. It is a drive don't get me wrong but it was well worth the no cell service and no electricity. We hung out played some games and enjoyed great company.  With the holidays and garage building we have been in full swing for months and needed the decompression time.
Jeff was kind enough to tow the girls around behind the four wheeler which they loved!

And we did our group photo, not a bad looking group!! Love them!

Sunday we headed back home and one of my friends who lives out of town stopped by, big deal haven't seen her in forever and we have been friends since elementary school. She was in town for her grandpa's funeral so not the best circumstances but I was glad she and her sister stopped by for a couple of hours of chat time it was great and I needed the laughs. Then Sunday night we had some more friends over to watch the opening of the Supercross season which we taped Saturday night so we could skip all the commercials. It was so nice to get to hang out Phil and Cassie brought pizza and salad and we just chilled. What a great weekend!!!

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