Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Goldfish Funeral

So it happened what I thought would happen years ago. You see our journey as fish owners started at the Helmbrecht wedding, Shawn was being his new husband no kid nice self and told all the kids they could take the goldfish home that were in the bowls as centerpieces. Knowing well enough that they wouldn't live long Shane and I decided that we would let the wedding fish free and buy the girls a couple of fish and a tank. Let's just say I really didn't think the Walmart fish would live as long as they did. Tonight however one passed away, Shane scooped it out with a kitchen ladle and did a very nice trumpet funeral song. And with one quick flush the fish was off to fishy heaven. Now I won't lie I was a little sad that we lost a fish however the girls don't seem very upset about this at all and Shane and his funny trumpet noise along with his march to the bathroom had us all giggling. Thank goodness for a hubby and daddy that can save the moment and turn the sad memory into a funny one. I am sure the girls are going to remember the song and march more than the fish passing away. Goodbye Sarah or Goldie whoever it is that swam to fishy heaven as the girls could never tell them apart. Off to Walmart I go tomorrow to buy a new friend for our remaining fish as the girls and Shane are sure the remaining fish will die without a friend.  

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