Friday, January 4, 2013

Advent Days 16-24

Oh yeah I got off the blog bandwagon there for awhile. Sorry my followers, I feel bad that I didn't keep up my posts on the girls' advent calendars. To be truly honest though I am very thankful Christmas is past us, this year it was more stressful than it should have been. Next year I am going back to the basics.
But the girls' calendars were very cool this year, Kaleigh learned about Star Wars and maybe even a little bit more about herself. And Lauryn learned to love herself a little more and that maybe her her sister isn't all that bad. They seem to keep a pretty good eye on each other more about that in a couple of posts.
However my picture posting of the advent calendars did end with Day 15, as my phone crashed and I lost the pictures I had taken. As for the Lego people, creatures and objects they are stored safely in the Lego box. I will tell you Lauryn got a Christmas Tree and she thought that was pretty cool and a wig table it had a couple of different wigs for her Lego girls and Kaleigh got Santa Darth Vader I believe he is called she did not think he was that cool he was scary looking. Kaleigh is my little girl with very big fears about scary looking things and the dark so I understood this. However she put him together and just turned his face around :) It was very cute and I was definitely grinning knowing something as simple as turning his head made her feel better.

A great big huge THANK YOU to Aunt BJ, Uncle Al, Cousin Ellen and Cousin Brandee. The girls are thinking that they need Chocolate Lego calendars for next year. I will break it to them that those don't exist when it gets closer to the end of 2013 for now who knows maybe someone will invent one.
Thanks again and we hope you guys had a very Merry Christmas!

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