Monday, July 15, 2013

A Week in Recap 07 14 13

I think I have tried this before and it didn't stick but I am going to recap the past week. I am hoping to do this every Sunday or Monday it is like writing in my diary but way different too.

Here we go a week in review.

This week wasn't too bad a lot of job hunting which I am starting to enjoy more and more. It is a challenge yes but it is also opening my eyes to all the wonderful opportunities out there. I love that I get to look, read, and write. Filling out job applications and resumes plus doing cover letters is no small feat it takes time, patience and thought.

The girls got their braces! Oh yes we have hit phase 2 of braces full metal mouth in effect. It is cute and painful to watch them.  Their little mouths look almost swollen with all that stuff in there and it is ruining their speech which is driving this mama a little nuts but it is a phase and we will get through it.
Aren't they cute!!
We have been a busy family Saturday we a race track practice day, and since the girls wouldn't be able to race because we had plans on Sunday, Daddy offered them practice day which means they got to ride their bikes on the track for 15 minute intervals I think 4 or 5 times, they loved it of course.  And we got some work hours in even though we weren't scheduled to work we flagged so the girls could race and they were helping one of the young men at the track flag it was fun and hot.

Saturday night was a BBQ at Papa and Nana's house, it was fun to chat with everyone and the girls went with a neighbor and went swimming at a local hotel. They came home exhausted and were pretty tired the next day too but it never lasts long.

Sunday we went to Elkhorn it is a Ghost Town, the trip was for a family picnic and it was fun to see some out of town family and meet some new family.  We took a hike up to the cemetery and learned a little history, then we drove through the town and checked out some of the old buildings. It was so green up there, so quiet and so just beautiful. I loved it pretty sure I could move there.  On the way home we stopped at the Boulder River and did some fishing it was mosquito infested so I am pretty sure I need a blood donation as I am lacking what those little blood suckers took.  But the girls each caught a fish too small to keep but here is picture proof.

What a great week and weekend my life is less stressful lately and I am pretty sure I am right where God intended for me to be. I am so Thankful!

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