Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Week 2: 10 Things I Live For {or can't live without}

My Hubby – He is my world, my best friend and with all the stress of living and trying to make a path of our own and ensure our kids have it better, we have times of drifting apart but we always drift back together.  We have grown as a couple so much in the last 4 years I am happy to have him by my side, proud to be called his wife and honored that God chose me for this job.  I can’t imagine spending my days and nights with anyone else.

My Kids – K & L are my world to, I don’t take my mommy job lightly in fact sometimes I take my mommy job a little too seriously I mean after all how can you enjoy something if you are always trying to perfect it.  Seriously though how can you not enjoy two faces that even at the age of ten still give me hugs and kisses goodbye.  The are strong willed, independent, funny, cute, honest, devoted, and everything I could ever hope for in daughters.  They amaze me time and time again and make my world my carefree, although sometimes more stressful, they keep me honest and they make me want to be more than I am.   

Country Air –Ok this might seem strange but I guess what I am really saying is I am a country girl at heart I love visiting a big city andall the hustle and bustle but at the end of the day I want fresh air to breathe in and a view of the mountains and stars in the sky.  I want crickets outside my window at night and birds in the morning.  I love living out here where my biggest stress sometimes if mud being tracked in and out and having to dust more often than I like.

Family – My family I have lived by them all of my life, aunts, uncles, cousin’s, grandparents we live close together and get to get together to celebrate birthdays, graduations, babies, and holidays.  We love celebrating and I love them they keep me grounded and I am thankful that I get to spend time with them and that my kids have gotten to grow up around that.

Books – I love reading I mean love it, and most of the time it is fiction reading but give me a good story and it relaxes me and takes me to another time and place.  Oh the adventures I can go on reading.

Jesus – He is my savior and I love that I can talk to Him about anything.  I can tell Him my worries and no matter what is happening I know that He has a plan for me and a plan for my family.  We all have bumps in the road and hills to climb but it is so much easier with Him by my side.

Green Tea – Love this stuff, funny but I love it cold more than warm but it gives me my caffeine fix in the morning and I love everything about it.  It has health benefits and I can share it with my kids.  I take it with me everywhere.

Water – Oh how I can’t live without it, literally medically they say you can live longer without food than water, but that has nothing to do with it if you know me you know that I am all about drinking water I always have a my water bottle with me, in fact last Sunday I left it in a friends car and Monday I was tracking her down to retrieve it.  I also have to have water to wash my face I wash it every night before bed it has become a habit that I don’t break not even when camping. I love me some water!!!

Laughter and Memories – I love the sound of laughter from my hubby and kids, it warms my heart and puts a smile on my face and reminds me of how blessed I really am.  Oh that sound it can take the worst day and bring everything into focus.  With that laughter comes great memories, we are making them every day and the best ones usually include laughter.

Writing – This blog I am sure I could live without it but if you made me choose between this and Facebook, I would say so long to Facebook in seconds whereas I love this blog. It helps my creative side, it relieves stress, it helps me capture memories, it reminds me of all my blessings. I love writing on this here little blog and sharing it with family and friends. So Hello!!

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