Monday, July 8, 2013

Week 4: My Biggest Weakness

Weakness? I would love to say HA I don't have any weaknesses, but instead I am sitting here debating what the biggest one is, yes there are several.

There is the weakness of food, I keep trying to lose the last 15 pounds and I swear it might be impossible I just love me some good food, junk food oh heck I love me some food period.

I would also say my need to be in control is a weakness I keep thinking it would be nice if I had more help around the house but then I notice when I ask hubby or the girls to help with something I am critiquing them and redoing what they have done or they don't do it quick enough yep definitely a weakness.

And every woman's weakness self doubt because if we didn't have self doubt we could accomplish so much more in life. I doubt my skill level at a sport so I don't put myself out there in fear that I will embarrass myself. I mean really when I die is anyone going to be at my funeral saying Oh my gosh she was a terrible skier no in likely hood I will be thinking I wish I would have enjoyed myself a little more and feared stuff a little less because we if can't laugh at ourselves we can't laugh at anybody.

So what is your biggest weakness?

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  1. o my goodness! I don't think I've ever thought of your number 3 like that before! You are so right! So glad I found you through the link up :) can't wait to read more!


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