Monday, July 15, 2013

Week 5: If I were to win the lottery, 5 Things I'd Buy

I have to admit I am not sure I am a good person to ask about this I don't really like to gamble I don't have much money and I definitely don't want to waste it on a chance that I may or may not win millions. However I have been known to buy a lottery ticket or two actually I think that is all I have ever bought it two, yes in my lifetime I mean it when I say I hate wasting money.

So 5 things I would no order of importance

1. My kids' futures - I would invest I know this might not be actually buying but I would definitely put lots of it away for my kids' so they have money for college, cars, down payments on houses and the like.

2. Disneyworld Vacation - this is a definite I would take the hubby and girls down to Florida for a couple of weeks that way there would be a few days of laying on the beach involved for mama.

3. A dirt bike - well maybe three, I would buy hubby a brand new dirt bike with all the upgrades he could ever dream of and the girls of course would get new dirt bikes as well. They love dirt biking I love going and I think this one would include a dirt bike for mama. I want to learn to ride hubby is afraid I will get hurt because I am a scared cat for sure but I would love to join my little family on trail rides through the mountains they can keep their racing I am still Pit Mama for that.

4. A new camper and truck - this might be a whole family present but I would love a new truck for hubby and a new camper to pull behind it. Part of this wish would be the result of watching RV 2012 last night on the TV and seeing some of the extremely nice toy haulers man they have nice campers in the $100,000 range.

5. All the materials for hubby to build me a dream home. My husband might not love carpentry as much as he used to, it is hard to love something that everybody wants quick and dirt cheap but he is damn good at what he does. His perfectionism comes out and he goes all out and every detail is perfect he spares nothing, if he is going to build it it will be grand and beautiful and last the test of time.

So what is on your dream list if you won the lottery, a house, boat, toys, college?


  1. If we ever won the lottery my husband would *for sure* be getting a pimped out dirt bike. He loves them! I used to have one, but I'm way too uncoordinated for it! I need to stick to things with 4 wheels ;)

  2. Most believe that you have one in a million or even a billion chance of winning a lottery jackpot. But when you win, you're definitely the luckiest person in the world! It's good to hear that you know where you're going to spend your prize if ever you strike the winning numbers. Keep on buying tickets, as who knows, you might be the next winner. :) Good luck!

    Windy Blevins @ Buy Lottery Tix


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