Wednesday, April 2, 2014

A Few of My Favorite Things - Walk Me Up! Alarm Clock

My Wednesday tradition of sharing with you a few of my favorite things be it an app, a food item, a beauty product, or whatever it something I consider a favorite thing.

Walk Me Up! Alarm Clock.

You can learn all about it here Walk Me Up!

So the idea is you set it like any alarm clock and since it is on your phone you can pick any ringtone, alarm, or song you would like to wake up to. It goes up but instead of just hitting snooze you have to walk however many steps you set it to, it counts the steps like a pedometer and then it turns off when you have completed your steps.  You can't shake it either it doesn't work very well especially if you are half asleep like I usually am when it goes off.  I will admit some mornings it drives me bonkers, well most mornings but it works it gets me out of bed moving, the blood gets to flowing and if I do lay back down it is only for a few minutes because I was already up.

If you have an Android phone you will love this I am not sure if it is available on iPhones but it really is the best alarm clock I have ever had, to be honest I have thought about seeing if I can put it on my daughters Kindles, such a great concept and since it is free it is even better.

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  1. Um.... my husband TOTALLY needs that!

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