Monday, April 14, 2014

T25 First 2 Weeks

So I am holding myself accountable by blogging on my journey to get back in shape. After starting school, transferring schools, starting a new job, stress and life, I lost my fitness mojo.  I am back on the train people no worries I have stuff to do this summer and shorts, tank tops and a new bikini are calling my name. I have have tried the gym, I tried the treadmill (it is stuck on incline so it is not so much fun), and I have tried P90x (all I can say is ugh). So hubby and I were laying in bed and getting ready to turn off the TV and an infomercial for T25 comes on.  OK so a few side notes I love Shaun T I think he is amazing, I can always make 25 minutes in my day for fitness, I love a challenge, and I love the calendar.  So I went out to buy it YIKES!! $120 bucks later was not my idea of a good purchase and I don't care what you say, I am thrifty.  So eBay was calling my name, I found it for $72 bucks oh yeah, I didn't get the Gamma but from what I can see I would have to buy that separate anyway so I have decided that is my prize for finishing the first set which is Alpha.

So Week 1 rolls around I followed the calendar and definitely didn't nail anything so marked all of them Barely Made It. Oh well, at least I did it. Speed 1.0 was fun, it was a lot of jumping and fast feet, I think I looked like a duck out of water tripping over myself, thankfully my household was sleeping so nobody got video or witnessed that extravaganza. Total Body Circuit, don't remember much except my arms burning from planks my abs never seem to hurt as bad as my arms do ugghhh.
Friday is supposed to be a double up day, but I just didn't get 50 minutes that day for working out so it was Lower Focus and then Saturday morning the second round of Cardio for the week. Man for only 25 minutes it was painful.

Sunday, A day of rest well not really I mucked out cleaned two little girls rooms. 6 bags of garbage/junk and 2 bags of clothes that don't fit or they won't wear later we have rooms that almost sparkled.  There was also lots of dusting, moving of furniture, cleaning of fish tanks, and vacuuming involved, but it got done.

Monday, it started all over again only my routine is still not mornings darn it anyway, I really do enjoy working out in the morning getting to take a shower because I sweat like a creature from another dimension but that is not in the cards as we have been staying up way too late. Owning two businesses is a blessing and a curse mostly a blessing but the late nights are a killer sometimes. No biggie, I can always fit 25 minutes in and hubby is very understanding and supportive of my plight to get back in shape.  Remember he sat on the couch for almost 5 months with a broken leg so he has been getting back into shape too!  Finally got to mark Nailed It on my calendar for Total Body Circuit, it was awesome and I felt so good after it.  The numbers are not moving on the scale but I am OK with that right now, I know I won't see drastic results with 25 minutes a day and eating right I will see slow and steady results though and that is all that matters.

Here is to Week 3, come and get it baby I can't wait to finish Alpha and start Beta!! Oh and new workout shoes are being purchased this week that is always exciting, I am not so sure about Asics, I haven't had them for even a full year and my feet burn in them. That is OK though I love shoes of all kinds.

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